Here's a few things about me that really shape the kind of photographer I choose to be.

So glad you’re here. I’m a 19 year old girl born and raised on a farm in middle of no-where Nebraska. So ya, I know way too much about corn. I moved to the black hills of South Dakota in November 2017, and it’s probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve always had a love for hiking and camping and mountains, but obviously there isn’t much of that in Nebraska, and so here I am, thriving more than I ever thought possible.

I am a CRAZY music nerd. I started playing piano when I was five, and I’ve been classically trained. If I had chosen to go to college, I was going to go to become a classical pianist. To be completely honest, music is my biggest passion, and in the future I want to live overseas and teach music (especially piano) to children.

How I got into photography is a little different than how most people do. In high school, I suffered from some pretty serious health things that left me in constant, excruciating pain, so I just layed in bed all day. One day at the hospital, my doctor told me that I should go out and try some nature photography so that I could get outside without exerting myself too much. And here I am now, a full time photographer. I don’t talk about it hardly at all, but I do suffer from chronic pain, and to be honest it really really sucks, but I do truly believe that it allows me to view the world a little differently, and that it allows me to better capture the joy in the people around me.

Jesus is my number one. He is the one my world revolves around, He is the one I live for, He is the one I do this for. It is only because of Him that I am alive and full of endless joy. His grace is so unfathomably beautiful, and everyone needs to know about what He did for them. Everyone.

I love cooking and baking and anything that has to do with making food for other people. I also am really obsessed with cats, icecream is my all time favorite food (rocky road, duh), Harry Potter makes all dreams come true, I am an avid hammock (I think that’s a word?), and I also really like naps.




Do you think you love cats as much as me? Are you down for long hikes with good views? Is hammocking your favorite past time? Then we’ll for sure be the bestest of friends. Shoot me an email, I’d love to capture some beautiful memories of you and your person.