Mark + Bridget

After a week of traveling through California with my pal Peyton ( go check her out she’s the bomb), we made it to Joshua Tree National Park. The first night we were there we photographed a proposal ( also go check that out it will for sure-zies make you cry), and the night after that shoot was a little… um… sketchy. Let’s just say it’s another campground story to add to my list. But anyways, we woke up way before the sun, way before, and drove to the Cacti Gardens in J-Tree. We were planning on meeting up with our friend Bridget, who we had met at a workshop last year, and her fiancé, Mark. After a 20 minute snooze Mark and Bridget came riding up on their Harley Davidson motorcycle. That’s right, they were renting a motorcycle for their time in California. So. Sick.

And now I’ll let the pictures do all the talking cause my words are probably just getting annoying at this point. So go enjoy the effortless beauty/coolness of Mark and Bridget.