Spencer + Julia

After months and months of planning, my pal Peyton (www.peytoncurry.com check her out she’s awesome) and I headed out to California for a crazy big adventure. We flew into San Francisco, and road tripped down to San Diego, stopping in all the National Parks on the way. Towards the end of our trip we stopped in Joshua Tree National Park for two days. Peyton had been insta-friends with a girl in the area, so we made plans to meet up with her and her boyfriend for a photo shoot. About an hour before the shoot, Peyton and I were hanging out in a gift shop on the edge of J-Tree when we got a message from the boyfriend, Spencer. He started off apologizing because he didn’t want to inconvenience us, and then continued to ask if it was okay if he proposed during the shoot. We literally started crying. Then we couldn’t speak. And then we were basically middle school girls who had just gotten tickets to a Justin Bieber concert. We were SO CRAZY EXCITED.

When we met Julia and Spencer we immediately hit it off. They are literally the most incredible humans and we couldn’t stop laughing. After the second outfit change, Peyton and I kept directing them into proposal-ideal-spots. And then BOOM, it happened. It was one of the most unreal things I have ever experienced. Definitely cried. Definitely. I would say more, but I think the pictures do it better justice than my words. So start scrollin’.

I’m so insanely happy for you, Julia and Spencer. I love you both dearly.