I have the biggest travel bug and I’m always ready to go on new and exciting adventures. Below I have a list of all the places I’m traveling to in the upcoming year, so if I’m in your corner of the world, HIT ME UP. I’d love to take photos of you and your honey. If I’m traveling somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, LET’S MEET UP. If you’re wanting to go somewhere but I’m not currently planning on being there, HIT ME UP ANYWAYS. I have packages specifically for adventure sessions, and I’d love to plan the most wonderful weekend with you 🙂


APRIL 10-16

Lincoln, Nebraska

MAY 7-10

Rocky Mountain National Park

JUNE 21-23

Lincoln, Nebraska

JULY 11-12

Lincoln, Nebraska

JULY 13-18

Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

AUGUST 16-18

Lincoln, Nebraska

SEPTEMBER 2019 - MAY 2020

Dubai, UAE