What to Wear Guide

Picking out outfits for your shoot is hard as heck. I totally get it. But I put together a few guidelines for you so that you can be comfortable AND look freaking hot. These guidelines will also help make sure that the photos are focused on you and your love rather than your outfits. And remember! These are just guidelines not rules. I want to make sure that you look and feel like yourselves because that’s what’s most important. If you don’t feel like yourself you will be uncomfortable throughout the entire shoot, and you will most likely regret not grabbing your favorite sweater from your closet. I have a lot of couples that go out and buy new, fancy outfits, and then later regret not wearing their favorite jeans with that one super comfy flannel that they live in. I REALLY encourage you to wear something that you keep in the front of your closet, because then you’ll feel way more comfortable and look way more comfortable. And who cares if you’re laughing at what you were wearing 50 years down the road? Wear something that represents you, your love, and the stage your at in life. Plus guys are most of the time not super stoked about putting on an ironed, buttoned down shirt and dress shoes when they’re used to wearing flannels and chacos. I PROMISE they will be way more comfortable – therefore more themselves – at the shoot if they wear what they’re used to wearing.

First off, I recommend that you bring options along to the shoot. I’ll choose from what you have and put together an outfit that will compliment the environment we are shooting in. That way, the photos will be completely focused on you two and there will be no distractions. Because ya, your outfits can be a distraction. Just make sure you bring stuff that you absolutely love and that make you feel like Beyonce.

But don’t bring your whole closet. Otherwise I’ll have way too much to look through and it will take time away from your session. Most of my couples will bring 3 or 4 buttons and 4 or 5 tops. Then you can also bring a dress or two, accessories, jackets, etc.

Also. There is a 98% chance that you will be changing in the back of the car on the side of the road. If you aren’t down for that it’s totally okay, you can just have one outfit picked out that you come ready in! I’ll just have you text some photos to me and we’ll decide together what would look best!

Wear what makes sense

When you're putting your clothes together, think about the conditions and locations we'll be shooting in and plan accordingly. If we're gonna be hiking, bring shoes with good grip. If we're going to be at the beach, shoes would probably not look like they fit. (And side note - heels are a bad idea about 99% percent of the time unless you're freakishly good at walking in them. They'll honestly just restrict you from being able to do a lot of things.) If it's going to be cold, wear layers with warm socks and boots. If it's going to be hot, make sure you wear clothes that you can breathe in so you don't have giant pit stains in all your photos. Just make sure you're going to be comfortable.

Make sure that the material of your clothes are comfortable for both the temperature and for moving around. Brand new jeans are probably going to be pretty stiff and hard to move around in. I really suggest that you wear "worn in" clothes so that you feel a lot more comfortable. I love it when people wear accessories that easily show movement by catching the wind. It adds energy to the photos and makes them look so gosh dang beautiful.


I highly highly highly recommend you to wear neutral colors and earthy tones. And that doesn't just mean tan, cream, black, gray. There are neutrals of every color (mustard yellow, forest green, navy blue, burnt orange, etc.). Stay away from bright, fluorescent colors because they will be super distracting in photos. The only specific colors I recommend staying away from are pinks, bring oranges, and reds. If you have dark or olive skin there are exceptions in the right lighting scenarios, but most of the time those colors make people's skin look pink and weird and not as good as it could look. If you're really set on wearing one of those colors, just checkin in with me. If you're still lost on what colors to wear, look through some of my past galleries on my website to see what other people have worn!


Loud, crazy, chunky patterns often just distract from your face. The smaller and more subtle the pattern the better! Flannels are always a really great option. I do say to stay away from pairing multiple patterns because you guessed it, it often gets way to hectic and takes the focus away from your faces. Also make sure to iron your clothes so that there isn’t a giant wrinkle that your eye is being drawn to instead of your beautiful faces.

I LOVE it when people bring hats, sunglasses, scarves, jewelry, etc. because it’s really nice to be able to pair them with different outfit options. Just avoid wearing watches because otherwise you’ll have a giant circle distracting you in all of the up close shots.


When I think of props my mind goes straight to all of those really cheesy Pinterest ideas and it actually makes me cringe. But there are so many prop options that aren't cheesy! You could bring your dog or cat, blankets, have a picnic, eat pizza, ride your motorcycle, take a float in a canoe, carry a bouquet. If you have anything you are wanting to incorporate into your shoot just let me know!!


I have a lot of people ask if they need to get this professionally done. But I always say that you should do what makes you feel best. If you only ever wear minimal makeup, then don’t cake your face. Make sure you feel confident like Beyonce. If you do get your hair and/or makeup done, make sure you schedule to be done an hour before the shoot so that you aren’t late. And if you’re whiter than snow itself like me and want to get a spray tan, get a superrrrrrrrrr super super natural airbrushed spray tan so that you don’t look like a carrot.

If you're still lost on what to wear, I have a Pinterest board full of really great outfit options. Just click the link below to check it out!
Let me know if you have any questions about anything at all. And if you're still at a loss of what to do, you can send me photos of outfit options, or we can create a Pinterest board together! Just wear clothes that you're comfortable in and that make you feel insanely beautiful. You do you, you're photos will be amazing.